June 30, 2008

David Elms, is in jail awaiting trial in Los Angeles in a case unrelated to the site, leaving the fate of his influential underground world uncertain. In dozens of conversations and in postings on the Internet in recent weeks, prostitutes have expressed concern that if The Erotic Review goes offline it could hurt business. But in the same breath, many are rejoicing about the potential downfall of Mr. Elms…Ms. Link, the deputy district attorney, said the criminal charges against Mr. Elms stemmed from a night in 2006 when the police were called to a hotel where they found him with 3.8 grams of cocaine and a loaded semi-automatic weapon. A prostitute was there and said Mr. Elms had forced her to perform oral sex at gunpoint, but there was not enough evidence to press charges on that accusation………READ FULL STORY


  1. XXX Lurker said

    The site will not go down.If worse comes to worse he will just sell it for a hefty price.

  2. Real Pro said

    Fuck that review crap.Anybody with half a brain can see whats going on there.Its a bunch of Douche-Bags hanging around in there kissing each others asses all day.All the reviews are fake,just another form of advertising.Bait and switch operations have perfect reviews with all 9s and 10s ,meanwhile service operators will bash independents that will be too much competition with a pile of fake bad reviews,or having her good reviews replaced with bad ones.New York Confidential Jason Itzler was paying thousands for his reviews-thats how he was able to pass-off a 300 dollar girl for thousands a hour.If anyone believes in TER reviews,I have a bridge for sale.I will give you a discount.

  3. Mongerizm said

    I agree T.e.r is a gigantic crock of shit.It reminds me of fake reviews about hotels placed by the hotel staff themselves.Obvious as hell.There are companies that post paid fake reviews about anything for a fee.

  4. cleanpussy said

    I also agree T.e.r is bullshit.I hate that website!!!Dave is a pig.Once he tried to get me to do a session bareback in exchange for good reviews,I said No way!!I hope he goes prison and gets pimped out for cigarettes.The inmates could create a rating system of how good his bareback greek sessions and bbjs are!

  5. He already did sell it… years ago to a Dutch company with web servers located in Poland. Everything you do on TheEroticReview is monitored by people you don’t know overseas. If you think I am kidding, do a WHOIS search for the TER web servers and type them into

    Hobby Horse is run by real Americans located in Pennsylvania. Hobby Horse does not trade good escort reviews for sex or cash like TER has done for years. Most people I know where banned from TER for trying to point out the censorship and fake reviews. TER has been dying for years now and hopefully it will kick the bucket soon.

  6. Joey_Zaza said

    that site is full of crap. You post something and they never publish it. Like the guy before said it is a bunch of low life asses pretending to be big shots paddling the same garbage.

  7. Pan.Eros said

    On 2/15/09 Mr Elms just caught several felonies including crossing state lines to hire a hitman,cocaine,gun charges and some other bullshit.He apparently got arrested last week.Well,This should be interesting.Lets see what happens now/There are alot of people celebrating and alot of people shitting their pants.This latest arrest stemmed from a agency bust in AZ and other things.My personal opinion is this latest chapter to the TER story and The “mastermind” himself David Elms should go down in history as one of the stupidest criminals on earth.This is what happens when a trick thinks he can PIMP.

  8. tuesday said

    None of you know him, his family or the truth.

    Very Sad.

  9. Friday said

    Nobody gives a shit about his cracky family.Everybody knows the truth=1.Elms is a crackhead 2.Elms is a rapist.3.Elms is a coward and has to hire people to do his dirty work.4.Elms is out on bail for conspiring to commit murder,firearms charges,drugs,parole violation ect.Nobody needs to know him intimately or personally to verify these facts.He is a fuck up and will re-surface and do fed time.+As for you TUESDAY+you are pathetic to be hanging around in blog comment sections defending him.How very very sad.

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