July 12, 2008

One armed man was shot and killed and two others escaped on foot into the brush during a raid early Thursday on a marijuana patch in the hills south of Saratoga, a Santa Clara County sheriff’s lieutenant said.

The shooting happened when five deputies and 15 other officers confronted the men at the patch around 7:30 a.m., Lt. Ed Wise said.

It was not immediately known if the men fired at officers or how many shots were fired, or by whom, Wise said.

“The deputies started to enter a large marijuana garden and encountered three subjects armed with guns,” Wise said. “During the encounter, shots were fired. One subject was shot and fatally wounded, and two others fled on foot.”The dead man was not immediately identified.

Rodriguez said crime scene investigators had not yet reached the site by late afternoon Thursday, and the coroner had not yet removed the body.

The raid was organized by the sheriff’s marijuana eradication team, along with narcotics officers from the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting. That outfit, run by the state Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, is a task force of local, state and federal agencies that focuses on eradicating marijuana growing and trafficking in California………..READ FULL STORY

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