The legal problems continue to mount for a former Horsham cop who admitted in court that he solicited a prostitute while on patrol last year and then lied to police to cover it up.

Thomas Crow pleaded guilty to a number of charges including patronizing a prostitute, filing false reports and tampering with evidence. The charges stem from an incident last year when the 36-year-old Crow picked up a hooker while in uniform and then tried to cover it up by telling police he was investigating an escort for his brother-in-law.

Prosecutor Todd Stephens says he lied, destroyed some notes and tried to have other witnesses lie to police:

“When you have a police officer falsely accusing people of crimes. I think that’s a serious charge and we have to aggressively prosecute that.”

Crow could get up to eleven years behind bars. But his legal problems aren’t over. He was charged last week with insurance fraud for a claim he settled several years ago.

He reported some items stolen, but prosecutors say his estranged wife recently found them in the house……….READ FULL STORY


October 25, 2008


A Metropolitan Police Department officer, serving with the Sex Assaults Unit, was arrested for soliciting an undercover officer during a prostitution sting, according to police sources.

Police sources said Detective Elgin Wheeler was arrested around 2:30 Thursday morning when he approached the disguised female officer at the intersection of West Virginia Avenue and Neal Street.

Detective Wheeler has been the recipient of several awards and commendations for his service in the police department. He has been with the department since 1989. Police confirm that he was off-duty and in plainclothes at the time of the arrest……..READ FULL STORY

OKLAHOMA CITY — A lawsuit accuses Custer County, Okla. Sheriff Mike Burgess of operating a sex-slave ring and threatening to send female jail inmates to prison unless they complied with his sexual demands.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday against Burgess on behalf of 12 women who either were jail prisoners or are participants in the county’s drug court program.

Burgess had sex with one such woman more than 30 times after telling her that “he got her into the Drug Court program and if she did not provide the required sexual favors, he would get her out,” the lawsuit alleges.

As sheriff and as a member of the drug court, Burgess had the power to carry out that alleged threat, the lawsuit claims.In the spring of 2006, either Burgess or his employees placed one inmate in an isolation cell and gave her only an extremely small gown, which left her breasts exposed. This was in retaliation for her repeated requests for prescription drugs to treat her depression. One jailer fondled the inmate’s breasts and paraded male trusties in front of her cell to peer through the door and ogle her.

– Burgess called Mason several times and told her to call him on his cell phone. When the sheriff’s wife questioned the calls, Burgess told her only to call him at the office, according to the lawsuit.

– He ordered Mason to drink alcohol, also in violation of her drug court requirements, and as part of the sheriff’s alleged scheme of “extreme sexual slavery, including sexual battery, sodomy, rape and blackmail.” — When he picked up women on a drug court violation, Burgess offered to cause the court to impose far less severe punishment if she would perform a sex act on him.

– In May 2006, Burgess’ employees staged wet T-shirt contests among female inmates and offered cigarettes to those who would flash their breasts.

– One female inmate this year was required by a jail employee to bare her breasts to receive food and aspirin.

– One woman resisted a jailer’s sexual advances in May 2006. The retaliation included being placed in lockdown and having medication withheld. She also was served food that caused rectal bleeding, causing her and others to subsist only on bread and water.

– One woman became a jail trustee with much more freedom after she agreed to perform sodomy on Burgess. When she finally refused, she lost her trustee status.

State law prohibits a jailer or law enforcement officer from having sex with an inmate or a person in his custody.

This is the second time such allegations have been made against an Oklahoma sheriff in the last three years.

In November 2003, a federal grand jury indicted then-Latimer County Sheriff Melvin Holly on similar allegations. He eventually was sentenced to 25 years in prison. A slew of lawsuits ensued, resulting in judgments against the county………..READ FULL STORY,1299,DRMN_16_5726684,00.html

Prostitute nabs crooked cop with his own badge

BOSTON (Reuters) – A prostitute forced repeatedly into having sex with a Boston policeman said she feared the abuse would never stop — until she stole his badge.

When the officer, Michael LoPriore, telephoned her to get it back, the FBI was tuning in to their conversation, the 19-year-old’s lawyer, John Swomley, said on Wednesday.

LoPriore, 37, was charged in federal court on Tuesday with depriving the woman of her rights by using his position as a police officer to force her to perform sex in his car in September 2004.

Under a plea agreement, the 12-year veteran of Boston’s police force will plead guilty, resign and never seek another job as a police officer in Massachusetts. Prosecutors are recommending that he serve a year in prison.

Swomley said LoPriore had stopped the teenager in a downtown red-light district known as the “Combat Zone” while he was off duty and in his personal car.

After showing her his badge, he ordered her into the car and drove to several locations where he forced her to perform oral sex, he added.

“She told me the badge was stuffed in a little cubby in the front console. His head was back and he wasn’t really paying attention to where her hands were,” he said……..READ FULL STORY


Evans said the enforcement took place on Thursday & Friday night after several weeks of investigation. Officers identified the women as escorts on Craig’s List on the Internet. Male undercover officers contacted them via cell phone and arranged meetings. At those meetings, and sometimes during the preliminary cell phone conversations, the UC officers successfully negotiated sexual services for money. Most would only talk “business” face-to-face, Evans said. One woman, however, actually advertised sex for money on her web page. One customer that was seeking the services of one of the escorts on Thursday night turned out to be an off-duty Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to the jail. He was cited for solicitation. In reality, he had been making the arrangements with an undercover female deputy that answered the escort’s phone after deputies arrested the escort. The off-duty officer was issued an appearance ticket for the misdemeanor ordinance violation and deputies impounded his vehicle. The off-duty officer has had his police powers temporarily removed and is now subject to departmental discipline. “Clearly, people from all walks of life engage in this type of activity,” Evans said. “It is always disappointing when you catch one of our own, but he certainly will be treated no differently than anyone else we cite for the same offense.”………READ FULL STORY

A trained nurse, Rachelle Jackson immediately ran toward the sound of the crash. A Chicago police car had collided with another vehicle and was starting to smoke, two officers still inside. Fearing an explosion, she quickly pulled one officer from the passenger side.She never imagined her act of kindness nearly six years ago would land her in jail for more than 10 months on charges that she robbed, battered and disarmed a peace officer………..READ FULL STORY,0,4630555.story