The legal problems continue to mount for a former Horsham cop who admitted in court that he solicited a prostitute while on patrol last year and then lied to police to cover it up.

Thomas Crow pleaded guilty to a number of charges including patronizing a prostitute, filing false reports and tampering with evidence. The charges stem from an incident last year when the 36-year-old Crow picked up a hooker while in uniform and then tried to cover it up by telling police he was investigating an escort for his brother-in-law.

Prosecutor Todd Stephens says he lied, destroyed some notes and tried to have other witnesses lie to police:

“When you have a police officer falsely accusing people of crimes. I think that’s a serious charge and we have to aggressively prosecute that.”

Crow could get up to eleven years behind bars. But his legal problems aren’t over. He was charged last week with insurance fraud for a claim he settled several years ago.

He reported some items stolen, but prosecutors say his estranged wife recently found them in the house……….READ FULL STORY